Saturday, October 31, 2009

recurring dreams

recurring dream themes
- flying (usually in my middle school; or above some huge landscape)
- mazes (usually harry potter-ish bush landscapes, or random pixelated landscapes.  i frequently die and come back ... sort of like a game)
- running away from tsunamis
- shark in a pool

i had another huge watery tsunami dream 2 nights ago.  basically a huuuuge wave was coming and i was running; i knew if i looked back it would be too late and i'd be overtaken by the waves.  i'd jump a wall only to have to scramble up higher as the water rushed over..  it was not waves really, just one big... wave... you know when a wave breaks but the water still whooshes?  yeah it was that.

finally i ended up at the huge peak.. probably as high as morro rock.  and then the water was just.. filled!  

i was with my family and 2 girls from eastbay ( don't remember who) and we walked across the wall and into the top floor of a hotel where they had their 360 overlooking the bay type of restaurant. we walked in and i felt embarrassed because i was in a nice restaurant but i was muddy and dirty (you know, from having escaped the tsunami).  Then the group and i took the elevator down so we could leave.  we tried to buy food and we got them in take out boxes.  it was awkward being drippy in a nice well lit glass elevator.

i don't remember the rest.

but yeah; those dreams of running away, i'm afraid, but i'm not super afraid.  i'm just.. running!  

i like dreams. i really wonder how dreams relate to reality.  it's fascinating stuff, really.  too bad crazy people have messed with it to the point where any talk of dreams point to coocoo talk.

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  1. i have recurring dreams of flying at dusk over baseball fields/quiet neighborhoods and i love demmmm!!!!!!!! those are mornings when i struggle a lot with contentment at not having the ability to fly.