Saturday, October 31, 2009


So, I eat with the middle school lunch, 6th - 8th graders.  A lively bunch.  The eighth graders are constantly screaming, the seventh graders are pretty quiet except for the token three (D,G,T) who are always wandering around and getting lost, and the quieter but loud sixth graders (also right now there's been some ongoing feud amongst the girls in the sixth grade so one girl eats with the boys now and ignores the other girls.. and vice versa. LOL)

Anyway, yesterday we had a fall festival field day type of deal called the "Amazing Grace Race" and we were trying to hurry the kids in finishing and cleaning up so we could go.  However, the sixth grade boys were all bunched around this one boy chanting, "Shoot, shoot, shoot!"  I quickly walked over and upon closer inspection, I saw that another boy had the boy's head in his firm grasp; the former displayed a green bean clenched between his front teeth while the latter held his cheeks ready to "shoot."  

By now, being a much wiser middle school teacher, there was no middle ground "hmm, what are they doing?" but I sized up the situation right away, "Stop!  We are not going to shoot anything in here!"  I turned to the boy.  "Michael, swallow the bean!"  Some boys were still chanting shoot while Michael looked up at me and says (with the green bean still in his teeth), "but, .. but.."  I was firmly resolved.  "No, swallow.  Now."  Michael shrugged, chewed and swallowed.

As soon as he swallowed all the boys changed their chanting of "shoot" to a delighted, "But Miss Kim, it was dirty!  It was from floor!"  I hurled around in dismay as Michael sat grinning, "You make me eat green bean from floor! So disgusting!"  I was horrified.  Another boy, Allen walked by, and he's no saint himself and yet he shakes his head and says, "Miss Kim, you so bad, you make Michael eat from floor!"  The boys gaily gathered up the rest of their lunch belongings and headed off to homeroom while giggling and sending me disapproving statements of "You so bad, how you let him eat dirty bean?"  

Much to learn.

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