Friday, November 5, 2010

what the.. no, No.. absolutely NOT. NO.

are you serious Sarah Palin?
Seriously Sarah Palin, if you run for president, Obama is guaranteed his second term.

That video is beyond ridiculous.  It's like 3 people, all white people..  what happened to latinos?  asians?  southeast Asians?

and not to be mean, but your accent is that of CANADA.

Ms. Sarah Palin, you might have a HUGE hand in the sweeping GOP successes during this year's elections, but if they're smart (and they are), I doubt they'll back you as president.  you're more of a risk than an asset to this country.


You know how people used to say "Not my president!" about GW Bush?  I used to think that was incredibly rude and unnecessary - because he IS your president.....  if you don't like him, then move to Canada.

But in this case, if Palin becomes president (a hUge IF, but i mean, i don't have much faith in either side of America.. the red or the blue..) ...  I won't HAVE to move to Canada.. it will have moved to us! AHHHHH

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