Wednesday, November 3, 2010

thoughts on voting

i should've read up on this wayy more than i did.  i have no excuse.
i think we all should vote... i think you should exercise your right as a citizen and furthermore, actively work to prevent decay in society (whether they want it or not).
with that said, i think when i vote, i realize how stupid i am, how i'm really no better than any ignorant, uninformed voter, because that's what i am.  i don't take the time to read up on issues, i focus on a few and get too lazy with the rest... i jump on bandwagons and brush off this blase attitude with the "eh, lesser of two evils" blah blah blah.

which sucks. and so, next time, i plan on spending more time and evenly researching the ideas that are passed my way as a CA/US citizen.. (rather than simply sticking my nose into the interesting ones).

i have a proposition idea.
Each election day, they should have a prop for "regular citizens should lose their right to vote if they don't vote on at least 4 props" ... that way, people would panic, feel outraged, go out and vote.. and this cycle would continue. hahaha.

(i swear, i think if you tweak my idea.. it might work..)

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