Saturday, November 13, 2010

i really hope i didn't send this essay in for my stanford (undergrad) app....

but if i did, it's even MORE understandable as to why i didn't get in. -_-

It's cute though.  I was so naive.

I was spending the night at my friend Taylor's house when around 9 pm, my friend Laura stomped in and declared, "I have just found the meaning of true rejection."  Basically, she had been lead on by her ex boyfriend who she wanted to get back together with (I don't understand it either), and was shattered.  Being crazy juniors, Taylor, Laura, and I hopped into a minivan and went driving around downtown looking for Laura's ex.  After having scoped out all the local hang outs, we admitted defeat and went back home where I promptly turned on my mix and lit candles.  Being absolutely tired since it was around 12 am, all three of us snuggled into Taylor's queen sized bed.  As we tried to sleep, we listened to Laura complain, then sing us lullabies.

The next morning, I awoke to commotion on the roof.  I saw Laura in a bikini outside holding a boom box.  "Get dressed and come up!" she yelled motioning to the roof.  As I searched for a two piece, I heard my CD being blasted on the roof.  After I fixed lime margaritas, we climbed on the roof with my video camera and took pictures and danced.  It was something that people would not normally do; dance in a two piece on the roof while belting out Jewel’s “Standing Still.”  But, desperate times called for desperate measures, and the total loss of a boy was definitely a desperate time in my book.


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    ....what's the pt of this story? hahahhaha