Monday, November 15, 2010

random passing thoughts i wanted to write down

i sometimes have difficulty distinguishing between memories and dreams..  especially lately
today a person asked me when i was coming back from Irvine -_-  (i've been up here for almost 3 months now)
i get excited.. then i get deflated... then i get excited... (and on and on the circle goes)
when i meet someone from romania or bulgaria, i think of estera
life has been running so smoothly lately, i'm a little nervous about the future
i love it when people give me subtle social reminder cues
i've been listening more to R&B than country lately, probably for the following reasons
A) the beats keep me awake when I drive
B) the late country singles have been really bad
i don't really like cooking or baking anymore.. unless i'm making breakfast for myself
today at church there were a group of people practicing a song - they sounded good and all, but it sounded really funny too at the same time. hehehehehe. especially when they tried to you know go all diva
i really need to start my uffish blog

1 comment:

  1. i know who was practicing the song...

    and i see you've met vlad.