Wednesday, September 2, 2009

introducing 7th grade

So we’re going to read this story called “Seventh Grade” (super cute btw).
To warm kids up for the story, so I gave them a prompt.
Think of a time when you wanted to impress someone
a) when was it?
b) what did you do?
c) what would a boy or girl have to do to impress you

Here are some answers

- I want to impress someone. That time I eat alot of meats and fruits. When I am finish I will go get it again and again.
- I wanted to impress someone in 6th grade last year. I wanted to show I was really good at all sports. I joined every sport, and did pretty well at all of them. (o ho well then!)
- In class. I talk with teachers. Do homework fastest I can. (this cracks me up b/c this shows that this boy knows that his loud antics in class is for attention. HAHA)
-Impressing someone is sort of recent. I played better in sports. It helped me make the soccer team. (I guess, girls do realize that sports attracts boys? i dono but I got a lot of answers like these!)

- Kill himself, just joking. …
- I would want him to know how to dance and dance better than me. I hope he is polite too. he should always be very good to me.
-She can do homework very fast. So I want to do plagiarism. And want do copy. (-_- we just went over why plagiarism was bad…. kudos for using a new word?)
- He would have to show off his talents to me. The more talents he have, the more impressed I would be. he would also impress me if he’s rich. (this girl’s honest)

Almost everybody wrote something like “funny, he has to be good at sports. He also has to be kind.”

I’m sick of reading “funny”, “good”, and “kind”… why don’t they know any other adjectives besides “good”?!

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