Tuesday, September 15, 2009

:-) :-)

so yesterday Lady Luck was smiling down on me.

 i had good parent conferences (busted out chinese and korean. go me. Ha. pride before fall. remember).

then at the orthodontist (I broke my retainers and wanted to get them replaced), he told me I probably don’t need them since it’s been 8 years, then told me i was “feichang piaoliang” (o_O) and didn’t charge me …. cool!   (but also a little weird b/c he first asked me if i hadn’t married when i said i was afraid my teeth would go back to its crookedness and i said nope..  and he said to not worry b/c i was pretty.. and i was like okkkay, and at the end, he kept on nodding and said “ni feichang piaoliang” and then told the nurse something like “ta buyong fei ..”  and .. i was like.. ookay, and walked out.  hahaha… *shrug *

and THEN as i was walking home my trusty nose smelled something amazing so i stop and look in and SEE THAT IT’S tHE BAKING PART OF A BAKERY!   LIKE NOT THE FRONT BUT THE BACK WItH THE OVENS AND THE MIXING BOWLS … AND THEY REALLY dO MAKE ALL THAT SOFT BREAD FROM SCRATCH!!!!  and then the glass door slid open and i walked in and talked with the owners and later bought bread … and it was still hot from the oven…  SuhWhEEEt..

and thEN i went to bed at 9:40pm!  (after watching some weird movie about clones starring ahnold schwartzie, and reading some carmichael (who’s weird in her own way) heha)  whooOOooOOoo

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