Friday, September 4, 2009

The first time I watched a Harry Potter film, I was wearing a long jacket that made me inadvertently look like I was dressed up for the film. I thought the movie was aiite compared to the book.

For the second film, my friend Ali Apple, her then boyfriend, and I along with our two brothers went to see Harry Potter. Ali and I dressed up in cloaks, brought stuffed animals, and smuggled in In-N-Out through our cloaks. Our brothers thought Hermione was “hot.” Twas gross

I don’t remember when I saw the third film but I’m sure I did. I remember the newspaper looks of Sirius Black and ratty Peter Pettigrew.

I remember the fourth one from the tasks, but nothing much really.

What I really loved about the Harry Potter movies were the quidditch scenes. and flying scenes. what is this thing in us that makes us want to fly?

I don’t know if I saw 3 and 4 in the theaters or not. By 4, I gave up. The characters were growing up, Harry Potter’s acting felt flat (i don’t know if it actually was or if I’m just easily influenced by critics .. probably the latter), and people’s voices were changing. Not to mention, as the books increased in depth and intricacies, the movies remained 2D.

I watched the 5th movie today randomly, and granted that “it was good”, some of the effects fell flat, and overall I felt it was hurried. i disliked the different things the movie added to compensate for what they took away. Certain scenes that were magical and awesome in the book turned into a modest display of fireworks. Excruciating, unfair punishment, was a little scratching on the hand. Exciting, underground practices, confusing Occlumency lessons, the Umbridge tyrannical reign, turned into various long montages. Not to mention, they cut out a lot. a lot. I feel like Harry Potter works because JK Rowling slyly introduces new things through repetition and the everyday life. Yet this movie, for obvious reasons, can’t/couldn’t and didn’t do that. I can’t think of a better solution, but regardless, for me it wasn’t great. (we only get glimpses of key characters, issues, etc!)

However, what is great for me is to see a glimpse of these fantastic actors contributing to this movie in even just 1 or 2 minutes. Emma Thompson, Ralph Fiennes, Alan Rickman, and not to mention…… HELENA BONHAM CARTER. OMG What a FREAKILY amazing Bellatrix! OMG OMG OMG! OMG OMG OMG! hahaha.. she was so good. It’s also nice to remember the book by watching the movie (and all it leaves out) and then it’s nice to be moved by themes I love in the books.

I miss you Harry Potter.

In other news, I’m reading short stories right now. Ender’s Game to be exact.
Also reading Much Ado about Nothing (wow love it), A Chance to Die (interesting interesting reactions), The Jungle Book, and other middle school reading level short stories. :-]

I wonder what the next week holds

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