Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3 Things about the Cronkhite Private Bathroom

The automated paper dispenser is a little strange.  Sometimes I stick my hands out and the paper doesn't come out.  A friend taught me to just hit the bottom, and it comes out.  Someone else told me that I can just gently tug.. and it'll come out.  HOWEVER, SOMETIMES when I walk in and the light goes on, THE PAPER DISPENSER DISPENSES PAPER!  Or.... when my shadow hits it.  anyway, it's strange.

It has the water conserving toilet.  But I don't think it conserves water.  B/c every time I pull up (For #1), the toilet paper never goes down.  So then I have to reflush.  I feel like two #1s > 1 #2.  So.. they should just have it so that you flush it down normally.  But I do appreciate the green handle.. does it really kill germs?

HOLY CRAP I POO'D 4 TIMES TODAY!  <-- a tweet that I ended up choosing not to post.

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