Saturday, April 30, 2011

explaining new trends

I'm glad God created me with an appreciation for arts and crafts.
Actually, I bet he created everyone with an appreciation for arts and crafts.  They just come out in different ways (whether through "crafty" math problems or through a romp in the wild outdoors).

Anyway, I've been puzzled at "changes" I see in my life, because I'm one of those people that desperately cling to the quotidian.

I like how people can see me and comment that "I haven't changed"; whether it is the old family friend commenting on my cheeks or the high school classmate commenting on my jokes.

But I do.  My interests, or where my time has been spent is changing.  I realized this might be because with my added time (away from school), I've had the opportunity to explore hobbies.  And with blogs from amateur experts, I can vicariously live through what they do, and I see that little bits rub off on me.

Some changes were expected.
For instance, reading copiously.  I wasn't able to read in college, and now that I'm out, I'm back to reading my old favorites and picking out the new YA lit that's out there.  I realized children's and YA lit are my favorite... they're timeless.  I love it.  Not to mention, I had to read a bit for my work, and since I love being "hip and with it" I started to read books they recommended to me!

Another change that is more interesting to me is an added interest in fashion.  I guess it was inevitable, since my mom loves to dress well, and my sister is a shopping queen.  I think I'm getting better though!  My eye is being honed, AND the fashion these days ARE fun.  Gone are the midriff baring tanks and flared sparkly jeans (Okay fine, I loved them back in the day).  And now it's a throwback to the 50s classic pieces.  I love the idea of sewing (key word: idea) and re-making clothes.  I used to do that in high school in my attempts at individuality.  And lastly, it's not necessarily fashion, but just knowing how to dress for one's body and how others should dress for theirs.  I guess my mom religiously pounded that into me back in the day... heh.

So in addition to that, I like hair and makeup.  I love how braids are back, and I can go back to my Barbie-days, but instead of Barbies I have friends' and my own hair.  And makeup, it's just fun to see and know and experiment and critique.

And the last fun thing about fashion is that it appeals to my inner competitiveness.  I like it when I try something and it shows up in a magazine later.  I like it when I predict something and it comes true.  I guess it's pretty easy since societal trends are dictated by the "higher-ups", but still, it's nice to be the lemming that's one foot ahead of the other lemmings.

Last trend:  being in on the news.  I guess it comes from listening to the radio with my different commutes... and honestly, if it were not for the gas, I would LOVE driving.  In fact, i LOVED driving in high school as well.  I love the radio.  The country station, the oldies station (gone now), the classic big band station (there's been times where all I listen to is the boom ba ba), and of course, NPR.  I love just knowing and learning random tidbits of facts and then learning about current events and history.  I LOVE how when you know history, you can CONNECT THE DOTS!!!!   I love that.

Something I try to do but I'm lazy about:
eating more veg.
working out on my own.

The last part is hard because I'm used to team sports and being forced to go....

something that I'm working on:
Being okay with being alone.

I think that last part has a LOT to do with the previous trends in my life.

Anyway, I guess that's all.

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