Friday, April 8, 2011

top chef final

dude, must suck being the chefs called back over and over again to be the sous chef or the partner chef.

It's funny though, the first shot of the losing competitors (as sous chefs)... they looked so ticked off. hahaha.

and marcel's a hoot.

i mean, even though they joke about jetski reservations and such, it must be super humbling and sucky to do your best on an amuse bouche and then to not be chosen... and then even when you're chosen, to be a sous chef for the very competition you lost out on....

i think, i still have random issues of coming in second place. heh.

and suuuucks for you mike, but you handled it well.  people will love you and if anything, you'll be pretty well-known too.

also lastly, it's kinda sad that winning top chef really meant THIS MUCH to Blaise.. to the point where he cries and isn't there for his wife's last few weeks of pregnancy.. i mean, yeah.. i don't know.  if i ever wanted something like that that badly, i hope i won't actually get it.

and yes, it's a little sad that i have a separate label for top chef on my blog. hahaha

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