Saturday, February 19, 2011

obligatory top chef post


hahaha.  glad/sad that fabio is gone.  i guess the time for fun and games is now OVER

gotta say, i love Blaise.. high-falutin', plays fair, works hard, Blaise.  he's gonna get owned.
don't love Angelo. he's sneaky.  he oversneaked my love (forgot his name but bought a similar hat) ... SPIKE!
plus he talks like a weirdo.


but ultimately, the point of my post is this:  even though Dale has a crappitude and just bugs me in general, but this is hilarious:  "You know what?  I almost got eliminated today but it means nothing cause i'm here and i'm gonna kill it on this next one.  I'm gonna wear that championship belt around my waist.  And i'm not like these new school parents who are like "we're all winners" **** that.  that's buuulll *** man.  Who the *** said losing's okay?  Like, in what country is that cool?"

I know, profane.  but hilarious.

Mike and Carla WOULD like sesame street. -_-

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