Saturday, February 19, 2011

currently going through my head

the reason i'm having a tough time budgeting is b/c i'm trying to live like a rich bay area person on a poor bay area person's income

i get mad when people mess something up for me because I don't just want an apology, I want them to fix it.

In general, I get frustrated when something is "not right": why can't someone fix it?

i don't understand myself sometimes, so then, i try to ignore myself, until i can't. and then it's back to square 1.

it's hard to make objective decisions when matters get personal.

i don't know why i save cards and letters...  i just do.

i've been yelping regularly now, and it's just made me more critical.  why can't I have a 5-star experience anywhere?

in 2 weeks i'll know something about at least 1 school.

i still have lots of little things to do.. and that's why it's both gratifying and frustrating at the same time when i finish an item off my list.

my laptop sounds like an airplane and randomly crashes.  but i don't want a new one b/c i'm loving how it's working otherwise...

the more i use windows 7, the more pro-pc i become. wow; that sounds so .. what's that WORD?

i'll be back.

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