Sunday, January 30, 2011

I decided I want to talk about my church's cultural quirks and funnies.

So it's that time of year, the beginning of a fresh new semester, and both boys and girls alike go about their daily duties with bated breath.  The air heavy with the potential, the wonder - that question dripping with the same significance of a high school homecoming, "Who will ask me?"

You briefly regret not having signed up to be on the asking end.  But understand that no, this semester you're already too busy and you can go about doing the same things without the heavy commitment.  It's not like it's totally exclusive.. after all, there is one way to gain a ticket into glimpsing the going-ons of that society.

As time ticks by, in that week of decision, you shrug off the fact that Sweet Sue and Mild Mary were already asked twice - both by underclassmen - and you admit that yes, it's possible no one might ask you and yes that night of the banquet, while all your friends get primped up to go, you might be the perennial Cinderella, at home, cleaning up the curling irons and hanging up discarded cardigans.  The girls gone in your heels (that incidentally matched their modest knee-length skirts).

But then it happens!  A text?  A phone call?  An email?  A bout of small talk that takes a sudden, exhilarating turn?  And then hurray, the question. "Will you be my ET prayer partner?"  


Hahahaha.  I don't think this flowed quite like the way I wanted it to, but it was fun.  And it's semi true.  After all, twas Janet who aptly coined ET Banquet as EBCB's Winter Formal. LOL

(pleasepleasepleasenorebukespleasepleasepleaseidotakeprayerpartneringseriously ^.^)

My first ET Banquet:
I always get the awkward groups.
This group was especially holy, we even went to Taiwan together.
I think JChun's mad that I touched him.. oops.

Love House's first ET Banquet as 2nd semester freshmen
sallykimisveryslim .. except now she's a yang.


  1. hahahah... this is so funny... i didnt realize that people wanted to be prayer partners just to go to the banquet...

  2. HAHA SARAH that's not true. You'll understand as the years go by. :-X!