Friday, January 7, 2011

the things people spend their life doing...

I read this article on how boys and girls choirs have a distinct sound.  That the soloists' voices hit a certain frequency that resonate with the soul... I thought that was pretty cool.  What I don't think is cool is how everyone's still so obsessed with technology so that using this knowledge that there's this specific "shine" in boys and girls' voices, they can create synthetic choirs.  yighs.

when they were talking about the "shine" in voices, i automatically thought back to the concept of phusis.  I don't know too much about it (except that it's pronounced "physis"), but these two philosophy professors (from Hahvahd and Cal [go bears!]) did this study on finding meaning and how old greek classics and such, when they describe something particularly great or amazing but in our nature, it's this moment of "shining."  One guy also said the English language even adopted that concept in our phrase that someone can "really shine at" something or other.  You can find more info here if you wanna listen.... but... yeah.

Anyway, I like this.  Even though I'm not in school, I like learning new tidbits and stuff... I mean, it's basically the same thing.  Fed stuff in college; fed stuff now.  The most research I'd do is a quick google search.
but keeps my mind active/making connections/dots/thinking....

perhaps it's pretentious.

but i'm in the Bay!  Where else can i embrace such wannabe academia?!!!!!!

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