Tuesday, June 2, 2009

summer of my russian authors

do u see the title play? and the implicit nods? eh? eh???

anyway, i’m packing and i realize although i’ve given up mostly the bad habit of collecting things, i still .. collect.. books

favorite bookstores in berkeley
Friends of the Public Library
(sooooo cheap!! and nice quality too!!)
but the bad thing is, is as i walk home, i naturally meander thru sather gate and browse thru the library - half an hour easily goes by - and then the change in my purse or the stray dollar bills end up as concrete, holdable, books in my hands. and they can be anything! from Five Quarters of the Orange (a book i read in high school that i remembered liking but don’t remember, which i am reading now) to Nanny Diaries (a book i read during finals whenever i needed a break and convincing that i don’t ever want to be a nanny or raise spoiled children or have a horrible husband who’ll cheat on me or be a horrible wife who’s gross and icky).

I like book readings at Moe’s

I liked walking around Cody’s (but it closed)

i like that random shakespeare store b/c i had a copy of Baudelaire’s Flowers of Evil which I needed badly

Ned’s. because you’re cheaper than the student bookstore right across the street!

heh heh heh

anyway, i’m packing.. and… I have five compact heavy boxes of books. -_- 
and sadly, it’s not like when i was younger and i had a book in my hand all the time. i don’t have that time anymore. or else i waste my time sleeping.

so.. i just have.. decorations i guess. :-/ i also LOVe owning books. i love the idea that i can just pick out a book and flip through it and find a quote. and you know, with certain books, i do that a lot…

i realize my favorite genres are just.. plain ole good american literature and then young adult literature. 
but then i love the brontes and jane austin. and i love lm montgomery. and i love harry pottah. and i love cs lewis.

but then i love toni morrison and jerry spinelli and beverly cleary.


this summer I plan on reading all the tolstoy and dostoevsky I ended up NOT reading during the school year b/c i dropped the class.

and i want to read short stories

and maybe edit my 2 stories i wrote.

and maybe go back to some songs.

and maybe try to be literarily creative

or just darkly morbidly humorous and write comic strips about the weird experiences at CCS which I foresee. :-)

i want to return to Psalm 119.


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