Sunday, June 14, 2009

Appleberry Cobbler

i roughly followed pioneer woman's blackberry cobbler recipe  (i was gonna follow this one but i didn't have self-rising flour; and it seemed pretty important to the recipe)

about 6 cups total of frozen blackberries (3 cups), frozen blueberries (2 cups), and 2 small apples chopped (minus the peel because the peel tasted so weird.... : ALWAYS taste your fruit before putting it into a dessert!  ...  usually i just leave the peel in though; because i'm lazy and my eaters are grateful regardless) ... i don't think the ratio of fruit matter.  i'm just recording it for my sake
a healthy drizzle of honey (~1/3 cup = bc honey is sweeter than sugar and bc i was in my mom's kitchen and couldn't find the sugar)
half a ripe lemon juice (about 1 tb) 
half a lemon's lemon rind (cut up tinily b/c i couldn't find a grater)

preheated oven to 425 degrees.

2 C whole wheat flour (no white flour/cake flour in the house.. don't think it makes a difference honestly.....)
1 tb of baking powder
1/4 tsp of kosher salt (couldn't find the normal salt til later)
1 tb of white sugar (i found it!.. i also eyeballed the measurement)

mixed it.

then, i thinly sliced in 1/2 cup of butter (1 stick!)  

this helped a lot in cutting in the butter since i don't have a pastry cutter.

i just use 2 knives (butter knives or steak knives are fine.. in this case i used steak knives since that's what i used to cut my apples)  and do awkward scissor motions.  the butter cuts into the flour relatively quickly; it works pretty well! .... DON'T melt the butter and mix it.. or use a blender or anything that horrendous.  thank you.

when the flour is coarse and coated tiny pieces of butter (about a quarter of a dime size)

then added: 1/2 cup milk into a 1 cup measurer (from the flour) and cracked an egg into it.  mixed it with a steak knife  (hey! less to wash!)   ... basically i eyeballed the milk measurement.

made a well in the flour mixture; poured in the milk. and roughly added more flour mixture into the center with the knife until most was combined.  then went in with my hands and tried to get into a ball more or less.

i rubbed a tart dish with butter
poured the fruit mixture (and juice) into it.

then tore off pieces of the dough and littered the top so that it looks like a cobblestone street! (hence the name cobbler...according to Pioneer Woman. hah)

THEnnnn into the oven for 30 minutes!  until the top is golden-browned!  which it was!

and was pretty good.

you could taste the lemon rind for sure and that REALLY made it pop.

the crust itself was aiight.  the berries were fine.
it was sort of watery:  i think that's why you need sugar.

you could probably also add some flour or corn starch into the mixture to thicken it.

ehh; don't care that much!  hah 

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