Friday, June 12, 2009

green beans

So i made meatloaf for dinner today. and so of course i'd make mashed potatoes (I know what you're thinking; isn't this recipe for green beans?) .  Anyway, ... I screwed up on.. frozen instant Trader Joe mashed potatoes.  I accidentally put in.. oh about, 2 tablespoons of black pepper.  MY POTATOES TURNED GRAY! they were really spicy too.  into the trash.  how sad.

so i found some fresh green beans in the fridge and decided to clean those.

about 5 cups of fresh green beans (cleaned and stems cut or snapped off)
I added around 2 Tb of olive oil to a hot saucepan and then sliced up 4 cloves of garlic(more is more in the case of Garlic).  i quickly sauteed it a bit, then added the green beans.  mixed it about so that it was coated.  then added some black pepper, some crushed red pepper and some kosher salt. covered it.  sliced a lemon in half.  sliced up half a lemon rind.  added the lemon rind to the green beans and squeezed the juice of the lemon halfonto it.  stirred it about.  added about 1 Tb more of olive oil.  covered it.  added the rest of my mom's sliced honey toasted almonds  (plain ones will do I should think).. which is oh about 1 Tb worth.  tasted the green beans.  added more salt.  then covered it until it was ready!  The green beans should be al-dente... because mushy green beans are never good!

Ta Da!

When plating it; instead of leaving the"chikuggi" (korean for left behind bits) in the pan, i put it on top of the green beans, so that the green beans had a nice, semi-carmelized toasted almond and garlic and lemon rind topping.


*I really should think about taking pictures.

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