Wednesday, May 4, 2011


so my mom LOVES this movie.
and i watched it.

and i'll say a few things later, but i wanted to say this now.

during the scene where the woman looks at the horse and "communicates"... i used to LOVE those moments.  I'm sad that I don't care about animal-people connections anymore.  Or that I scoff at it.

Actually, i'm not sad that I don't care.. I'm just sad that I changed.

HAHa. because I don't like change.

I used to LOVE horses.  like really love them.  like.. pretend my bicycle was a horse and neigh like a horse and feed the next door neighbor's horse licorice stalks.... and read all the black stallion books and watch all the movies.

the end.

i still like unicorns. hehehehehehehehehe


  1. i love horses

    whatever happened to watching 'an education'?

    a unicorn is a horse-kebab

  2. i already watched and returned An Education. INTERESTING movie.