Wednesday, December 8, 2010

mockingjay *spoiler*

so, hunger games.
i didn't like mockingjay, all throughout.
was it just me or did she switch to first person?
that made things difficult.
collins is smart.
she kept you guessing.
before even reading the book, i told people, i didn't know how i wanted the series to end.  i didn't know how the series could possibly end well.
i must admit the prose wasn't as riveting, there were no parts where the tears ran down my cheeks.
granted finnick and cinna all had places in my heart.. but for the most part, i impatiently skimmed through sections, bored by the training, bored by the angst, bored by misunderstanding.

and in the end, it made sense that she ended with peeta, no matter how much i preferred gale.  again, that theme of complements and how gentleness overrides passion once again proves true..
something about humility, earnestness, humanity, weakness ..

in that twisted capitol. with twisted characters. twisted minds.  and the only honest being is the purported villain snow.  and the roses.  and prim.  and i knew the cat would come back.  somehow somewhere.  i knew that gale's anger would backfire. (being able to predict important devices.. if not the plot is something i can thank my grade school education)  but collins was still subtle.  this book was definitely heavier.  something i appreciate about both collins and rowling .. is how they took a lighter book and definitely evolved it to make their audiences think.

hunger games.  definitely a fun series.  depressing. makes you think about people..
i love. scifi.
i probably wouldn't read this again.

i loved the first one the best.  the second one was even more amazing in terms of torrents of emotions.  the third was subdued emotionally, frustrating, but it ended well. and props for that.. for convincing me that this was the ending....

it doesn't help that midway through the book (begun around 3 am) it began to gently rain.............

oh dear.

6:37am.  should i wake up?

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  1. i'm trying to remember if i cried.
    i think i did, but that's just because i always cry ahaha

    i thought it was good. heavier, too. you're right about rowling/collins comparison.