Wednesday, June 23, 2010


so the clock on the wall perpetually says 12:43am.. or pm i suppose.  it's an analog.
last night i dreamt of my GCA kids.
i was looking for them around the school.  it was a little panicky.

um i took a 6 hr nap waking up at 11pm with no homework done.
so i reluctantly started it..
everything in me was crying NOOOOOO because i don't want to cultivate my bad habits.

anywhooz after reading the Aeneid, i felt a strange sense of satisfaction.. and i was hungry.

and yet all i had were carrot sticks.

so instead, i surfed yelp.  dude i love yelp.

food is SO COOL you know?  how amazing it can be?  it's CRAZY.
i love service too.

when i was a kid, i didn't mind being rough n' tumble..  but after being pampered a bit.. MayUnn.. i likez it! hahaha

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