Wednesday, June 16, 2010

first day of school

i was nervous AND i was the first one there... i left early b/c of my ankle.
i met some people.
it was interesting/awkward at first but by the time Silver got there (the head of the program) everything improved immensely.  and by everything, i mean my awkwardness.

Silver, sort of reminds me of a female Dumbledore with Alan Rickman expressions.

My first class, modern poetics, looks fun / demanding / doable ... exciting?

My second class, looks daunting but I'm already excited.   My prof is both intelligent and intelligible.  (He says some FASCINATING things and 2 hours went by quicker than I thought!  Starting with The Odyssey, and I'm glad that I finally get to study it!)

I love the world of books, camaraderie, and large, mellifluous, three-syllables-or-more worded language.

Let's see if i like this.

5 weeks; 4 papers.
5 weeks; 4 papers.

I'll be doing this without all-nighter buddies, in a foreign setting (relatively), with a busy summer.  If i still love it, well, then... I'll love it. :)

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