Monday, August 3, 2009

so i arrived and met our supervisor, and she was sweet...
but i could tell a little disorganized.
i met a cool couple.
but at night time got pretty short at B because she gave us the wrong key, we were locked out....

today was a great way to start, it was amazing hearing everyone sing old hymns and i love the ... culture of these folks from good ole alabama, virginia, north carolahna...  

and then i found out i'm teaching not simple middle school ESL but ALL the ESL courses.
so whereas other teachers teach 3 classes each, i'm teaching all 6.

and get this: i  teach the regular curriculum at the regular pace, set by the other teachers.

and basically they have these midterm evaluations, and if a student gets below 60% they get bumped to ESL, and if they get above 60%, they get moved back into the old english class.

so i'm just here to make sure they bump back into the old class, teaching material set from another teacher, doing all the work, but the homework won't count for anything just so a student cant leave.

so any nice aspirations i had about teaching in fresh innovative ways,  my notebook filled with scribbles and notes of things i wanted to do / show ... all gone.

because i get to hook up with 2 teachers and do whatever they do.. except with ESL students, but at the same pace...

AND even BETTER is when one teacher goes on maternity leave, I take OVER her class, til she's ready to come back! if she does!
sooo if she never does, i'll still be teaching her curriculum, doing her thing, and any suggestion i have is shot down (ever so nicely, because seriously, that teacher is really sweet and really nice, and i think she kept me sane that day. plus her husband is cool.).

the plusses are DEFINITELY my fellow coworkers.
the cons is i really dread this job.

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  1. haha..someone once saved me in his phone as CJ Mahaney and I think he confused himself later on. Or he convinced someone that it was really Mahaney's number...or something. I forget.

    Coworkers really do make a world of a difference, but it's unfortunate that you dread your job...hopefully things have been going well since you posted this =]