Wednesday, July 1, 2009


there’s a difference between denotation (dictionary definition) and connotation (the feelings/associations connected to the word). I taught that today in class.

As a result, I am going to say Good Luck and allow others to say Good Luck without feeling any stinging sort of criticism of “hey, that’s unbiblical, because as a firm promoter of God’s sovereignty, I don’t believe in luck but rather I function under the truth of His providence.”

I refuse to substitute Good Luck with Godspeed, Good Providence or any of that sort. Who knows what Godspeed means any way, and Good Providence just doesn’t hold the same connotations as Good Luck does.

Sometimes I say Work Hard or I Hope It Turns Out All Right/Okay but really, sometimes Good Luck in all its brevity is just fitting for the conversation and/or occasion.

Don’t Pounce On Words.

there are more important things to NitPick

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