Thursday, July 16, 2009

intrestin' conversatins tody

i got my eyebrows threaded today and i was appalled

i came home i was like “JOY I HATE MY EYEBROWS”

later she was like

“it’s probably because you’re used to them being so bushy.  i was going to say i liked your eyebrows until you came in all mad”

also i got my glasses yesterday and i was getting headaches and stuff, but now im used to them.  i realized my ears are crooked b/c if i stick them on my face perfectly they’re tilted :-(

I also realized that the glasses i picked b/c they were cute are from baby phat -_-

i looked at my glasses case and went o_O and then sure enough those were the glasses i picked.. i just didnt know the little cats meant baby phat.


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